Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pacific Mercantile Company

Have you ever desired to learn how to make Asian food? If you have, I am sure your experience was much like my first experience, daunting! The process looks a bit like this, you find a recipe that sounds so lovely, however you have no idea what the ingredients are and where to purchase them. If you have found this to be true, I suggest you pop your head into your local Asain grocery store. I am sure you will find the experience overwhemling, but in time your curiousity will trump your anxiety. There happens to be an entire isle dedicated to different types of seaweed! I also appreciate shopping in the same isle with adorable elderly women. Their culinary wisdom gleams.

This afternoon Cal and I went to the Pacific Mercantile Company for two reasons: one, to find "Ting Ting Jaho", and two, find some beautiful sauce dishes for her birthday party. Ting Ting Jaho are delicious gummy Ginger candies! They are so good, I just about ate the whole bag on the way home (we live about a mile from the store)! If for no other reason, stop in to window shop! I guarantee a cultural adventure in downtown Denver.

Pacific Mercantile Company



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